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 This icon is stands for RSS, or more simply a news feed.

When there are updates to the Semitropic Website a new
item will be added to the RSS feed with a link back to the page with the new information.

You can access this information in three ways:

  • There is a page which has the current anouncments at When you go there a live link will be added to your browser.  Image of RSS Live Bookmark                                                                                     At this point those white links are live and they will change as the feed is updated.

RSS Popper for Outlook 2003

Run this installer and it will add the News feed capability to your Outlook:   RSS PopperRSS Popper 0.36 for Outlook
Then follow the instructions below.

RSS Popper for Outlook Express 2003

Run this installer: RSS for ExpressRSS Popper 0.36 for Outlook Express.
Then follow the instructions bellow.

RSS Popper Instructions

After you download the installer, close Outlook and double click on the installer to run.

This dialog will show:

Accept and hit next.
There will be several more screens, unless you are paticular as where the program installs on your computer.

After you click the "Finish" button, open Outlook, you will see your regular Outlook with an added toolbar.

Right click on the "RSS" folder and select " Add a new Feed", it will take you to this dialog:

To add a new feed, the Semitropic feed the "Link" you will need is

You are now signed up for the Semitropic News feed.